All About English Literature

English Literature is known as the study of literature that is read and written in the English language. The authors here are from different countries as they are not from the same place. For example, Mark Twain is from the United States and he has made books that are read by other people from the other end of the planet. His books have touched the lives of kids and adults. A lot of lessons can be learned just by reading his material too.

Another example is William Shakespeare from England and not, the famous author known for writing the famous book Romeo and Juliet. This book would end up having a ton of movies about it both local and international. The movie would end up having a lot of awards and there were a lot of revivals too. The books and other stuff they make come straight from the heart so you can tell they really are good at what they do since it is their passion.

Right now, there are so many ways to amuse oneself. The most common is to play flash games on your mobile phone. That wasn’t what it used to be way back in the day since they did not have the convenience of those gadgets. There were not too many entertainment options since Literature started more than 4 centuries ago. By that time, there was no movie theaters for them to go to and have romantic dates with their significant others. They can only sit back on their couches and enjoy English literature with a magnifying glass looking at this SexArt discount for those who think that the letters are too small for them to read. They used literature as a form of entertainment which involved reading what others wrote about. Everyone has their own favorite author so there is no point in arguing with one another about which book is best to read.

English literature can be divided into mystery, science fiction, and romance. The mystery is popular among teenagers as it involves a murder or a robber then there are several suspects with a bunch of clues given as to who could be the culprit. There are a lot of swerves that will be thrown at you and that will make your jaw drop in shock. It is never who the person you think it is which is the most fun part of the mystery.

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They always manage to stay away from the obvious as the reader is left to once again go back to zero on figuring out who the bad guy or girl is. Romance is about a love attraction between two people and it does not necessarily have to be a guy and a girl. Sometimes, it involves both girls or both guys like on the site and that will prove that love definitely wins in the end. The ending of these stories will definitely touch your heart in more ways than one. Some of them are so popular that they are made into movies and the actors are so good that they will make you cry in the end. Science fiction is all about creatures appearing that will never happen in real life. It is all about the stories of authors who have wild imaginations.

English literature covers every major genre and style of writing which means it can be a book, a poem or even a newspaper. It is ideal for those people who spend their free time reading. There are a lot of people who spend quite a few hours in the bookstore reading but that can’t be good for the business of the bookstore. Some of them would just browse and would end up buying the book but some would end up not buying anything.

English literature is always taken up in college so up to this day, we will end up reading up on┬áparts of it. The teachers who teach these subjects don’t have to be experts at it as they just have to love what they are doing. Some of them don’t even have English as their first language but they have managed to master and love it due to living in a country that uses English as its primary language so they basically had no choice.